Here's what people are saying about "Love One Another"...

"When people ask me for an excellent resource to accompany a study of 1 Corinthians 13:1–8, I will hand them this book . . . and point to Don’s name."

Dr. Chuck Swindoll
Senior Pastor

“I highly recommend it. Each chapter offers real, immediate, and practical ways to apply the “one another” passages. The workbook helps Christians grow beyond love as merely a nice idea or a credo. Rather, it leads the believer toward the practical application of love as a verb. Love is what we do, not merely what we believe.”

EVP & Chief Content Officer
Insight for Living

“As a church, we put great importance on teaching and living out the “One Anothers” of Scripture with our body. Love One Another is a practical tool we utilize to be able to equip our body to live out these Biblical principles as they do life together within the context of community and in their outreach to those around them beyond the church as well.”

Rick Wisner
Senior Director of Community and Connecting
Watermark Community Church

Love One Another "is clear, easy to read, and inspiring...McMinn’s book does a nice job analyzing what love looks like on the ground. Or to put it another way, he describes the nature of Christ’s indwelling life and how to recognize it."

Frank Viola
Beyond Evangelical 
"The Love One Another book is both insightful and practical. Dr. McMinn has a unique comprehension of relational leadership, and communicates simply and clearly. His biblical understanding of the "One Another's" in Scripture is fresh and profound. His integrity and passion is obvious in his work."

Dr. Julie Barrier

"I enthusiastically recommend the Love One Another study to any church or believer with a hunger for authentic spiritual refreshment.  While using these practical lessons for personal study, I am rediscovering the most significant earmark of our faith;  that is, loving one another as Christ loved us.  Don McMinn has given us an indispensable tool to genuinely glorify Christ, strengthen the Body and reach the lost.  For me, this was my "Road to Emmaus".  My heart is now burning with a deeper passion for loving others because Christ is speaking directly to me." 

Bryan McNair
Pastor for Evangelism and Young Adults
"Love One Another is a resource for every Christian. In a world where the word "love" conjures up many false and distorted ideas, Dr. McMinn has put together 20 practical lessons dealing with love from a Biblical foundation as love is taught as an "action" rather than an emotion. This is cross-generational study that will have a profound effect on those who dive into it."
Lori Macmath, Owner

“The Love One another book has served as one of the primary ways we equip our church to pursue authentic community. Dr. McMinn's book has been a great resource. It not only defines what real community looks like, but it also helps people experience it. It can serve as an objective mirror for a person's life and provide a framework for the health of a group. Our church appreciates the work Dr. McMinn has put in to make the "one anothers" understandable, practical, and attainable.”

Tony Cammarota 
Equipping Pastor
Stonebriar Community Church


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