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This book has been 60 years in the making.  I mean that quite literally as I type this first post today, on my 60th birthday!  After serving in full-time ministry for 40 years, loving my wife through 35 years of marriage and having raised two grown daughters, I've come to realize that there really isn't anything more important in life than loving others.  It is our highest calling and our biggest challenge.  It's a challenge because it requires us to refocus our attention from self to others, but it's also rewarding because we partner with God in His divine obsession. "for God so loved the world..."

Yet, while we all know what to do - love others - we don't always understand how to do it.  Our good intentions often strain to bridge the "knowing-doing" behavior gap and we fall short of our purpose.  But through the Bible, God has shown us a number practical ways to love others - I call them the "One Anothers" of scripture.  The study of these "One Anothers" has literally changed my life, helping me to love others more like Jesus did.  I've written this book because I want to share the hope that this message has been to me and it's my greatest desire that they'll do the same for you. - Don McMinn

Written by Don McMinn ( — November 01, 2012

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